ANTI STATUS QUO COMPANHIA DE DANÇA is an independent artistic experimentation laboratory. The name came from the search for experimentation. The latin expression "status quo", means a person's condition or situation, or circumstance at any given time, a condition. The use of the "anti" at the front of the expression assigns a meaning of opposition to the current situation, against established standards. The Company's work stands out for experimentalism, the construction of critical dramaturgies, dialogue with the visual arts and artistic language research. Also known as A.S.Q. Dance Company, the abbreviation with the initials of its name remembers the addresses of Brasília - DF and reveals its connection with its host city.

Recognized as one of the main and most active contemporary dance groups in the Center-West of Brazil, the Company was created in 1988 in Brasília-DF by the choreographer Luciana Lara, who today shares the direction with the producer, cenotechnician, set designer and graphic designer Marconi Valadares.

Amongst many different kinds of work and manners of acting in the dance field, ten choreographic works have been created. Highlights: De Carne e Concreto – Uma Instalação Coreográfica (2014), Cidade em Plano (2006), Aletheia (2003), Dalí (2000) and Antistatusquo Dança (1994) The group has been investigating new dance supports such as urban intervention with the project Jamais seremos os mesmos, with creations such as Sacolas na cabeça (Bags on the head) (2014) and Camaleões (2011) , photo-performances, books and the internet (interactive sites). The Company also develops projects in the area of dance training, art education and audience transformation.

Participation in several important festivals such as: Festival Panorama (RJ), Cena Contemporânea - Festival Internacional de Teatro de Brasília, Movimento Internacional de dança – MID, Mostra de Dança XYZ, Festival Vivadança, Festival Internacional da Nova Dança, Bienal SESC de Dança, Festival Expande Dança, Marco Zero – Festival Internacional de Dança em Paisagens Urbanas, Modos de Existir, Festival Brasileiro de Teatro, FITAZ – Festival Internacional de Teatro de La Paz.


Luciana Lara is a Brazilian artist, who founded the Anti Status Quo Companhia de Dança in 1988 and since then has developed a dance career as a choreographer, a director, a teacher and a researcher. Her works are known for hybridism, experimentalism, interdisciplinary approach, and dialogue with visual arts and theatre . She has created for the Company ten dance pieces, choreographic installations, exhibitions, photo performances, dance film and urban interventions. She has also developed projects for dance education, audience transformation and interpreter training for contemporary dancers. Her main studies focus on relationship between the body and the city, dance language research, creative process, dance dramaturgy / creation and agency of meanings in dance, release-based techinque and improvisation. She holds a master's degree in Arts from the Postgraduate Program in Arts at the University of Brasília - UnB (Research Line: Compositional Processes for the Scene). She was a student at the Laban Center for Movement and Dance in London, England (1996 to 1998) with a scholarship from APARTES program of CAPES from the Ministry of Culture of Brasil. At Laban Center Lara studied choreological studies, choreography and visual design for dance (costume, scenery, and lighting). She holds a Bachelor's degree in Performing Arts from Fundação Brasileira de Teatro - Faculdade de Artes Dulcina de Morais in Brasília-DF. In 1995, she participated in the program International Choreographers in residence at the American Dance Festival in Durham, North Carolina (USA). She has taught disciplines as corporal expression, body and movement in the courses of performing arts at the University of Brasilia and the Faculty of Arts Dulcina de Morais in Brasília-DF. In 2010, she published the book “Arqueologia de um processo criativo- Um livro Coreográfico” ( Arqueology of a creative process sponsored by the Programa de Bolsas de Estímulo à produção crítica em Artes – categoria Produção Crítica em Dança (2008) da FUNARTE- Fundação Nacional de Arte.

Luciana Lara - Foto Lucas Brito


Of Flesh and Concrete – A Choreographic Installation
is an invitation to become fully immersed and actively participate in an experience that question urban condition from the perspective of the body. At the boundary of contemporary dance, performance art, visual arts and social experiment, the work of Anti Status Quo Dance Company from Brasília-DF, Brazil, started with an investigation about the relationship between the body and the city, culminating in the interest about the way we are living in society at large urban centers, and how our current economic system shapes our behavior.


Of Flesh and Concrete – A Choreographic Installation

Company: Anti Status Quo Companhia de Dança

Artisitic Direction and conception: Luciana Lara

Research: Luciana Lara in colaboration with dancers and invited artists

Dancers : Camilla Nyarady, Cristhian Cantarino, Déborah Alessandra, João Lima, Luciana Matias,Marcia Regina, Raoni Carricondo e Roberto Dagô.

Dancers in research: Camilla Nyarady; Carolina Carret; Cristhian Cantarino; João Lima; Luara Learth; Raoni Carricondo; Robson Castro e Vinícius Santana.

Invited artists colaborators: Marcelo Evelin; Gustavo Ciríaco e Denise Stutz.

Costumes: Luciana Lara and dancers

Lights consultants: Marcelo Augusto e James Fensterseifer

Photos: Mila Petrillo

Executive Production: Marconi Valadares

Luciana Lara
00 55 61 9 96454443
Blog: http://www.criacaoabertaantistatusquo.blogspot.com.br

Marconi Valadares
00 55 61 9 99646464

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